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I make collections of tiny envelopes using different kinds of papers including Japanese hand-printed papers, maps, books, music, chocolate wrappers and old postcards.

I’m interested in how we communicate and how that has changed over the years. Handwritten letters from friends used to arrive in envelopes, but now it’s mostly bills and bumph. The collections are also inspired by my interest in insects. I used to be fascinated by collections of beetles in museum cases and my envelope collections reflect this.

I make all the envelopes by hand, drawing the shapes from a handmade template and cutting them out with scissors. I then fold and stick them. I select the collections and then assemble them before I decide which envelopes are going to be stuck down and which ones are going to be opened. I work closely with my framer as the frame is an important part of each piece.

I've found a set of letters written at the end of World War II by an American GI to a WREN in England. I'm trying to find out what happened to Joseph Schulist who wrote the letters.

You can contact Gillian to purchase her work or to enquire about commissions.

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