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I have drawn and painted since I could first hold a pencil and brush. I mainly work with watercolours, though from time to time I use watercolour crayons for preliminary out-door work. Working outdoors is always enjoyable if often frenetic; feverishly working against a change in light or tide means you have to prioritise what elements of the painting can be left and what can’t.

A successful painting in my view is a lot to do with the subtlety of tonation and suggestion. Watercolour is a demanding medium, once committed there is no going back; the line between success and failure is a narrow one!
My inspiration for watercolour painting comes from a desire to capture the mood and character of what I see and is enhanced by studying the work of established and contemporary artists such as Seago, Hilder, Wesson, Yardley and Chamberlain.

Living in Devon, I have the good fortune to have a wealth of inspirational subject matter within easy reach of my doorstep, ranging from estuary, moorland and townscapes and these tend to be the main focus of my work. As well as other parts of the UK, Florence, Venice, Rome and Brittany make up the remainder of my portfolio.

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